SMART Power Units

We were thinking that your central vacuum power unit should fit your needs—be innovative, efficient and quiet—by design.

We offer a family of SMART central vacuum power units with a variety of features and performance for the size and design of your specific home.

Cleaning Sets & Accessories

We were thinking that you should be able to tailor your SMART central vacuum system to the way you clean your home.

SMART cleaning sets are designed to work together with the power unit to provide the most suction and deep cleaning performance with the lowest sound.

We offer many innovative accessories and cleaning tools that operate like a team, so you can clean your home with less effort.

Innovation in Cleaning

We were thinking that a central vacuum system should be the ultimate cleaning system for all homes.

Whether you’re building a new home, planning a major remodel project, or just want the benefits of a central vacuum cleaner in your existing home, there will never be a better time to install a SMART central vacuum system.

We offer innovative cleaning solutions for every home’s cleaning needs.